Saturday, March 12, 2011

Martinis & Monogram Party & more!

These last few days, have been filled with fun I would say, & what mom doesn't need some fun in her life!? Thursday night I went to Gatsbys which is a local pool hall/bar about 15 minutes from where I live. My best friend invited me to go with her and her coworker. They don't go there though until 11pm because that is both when they get out of work (Starbucks!), which is my bedtime by the way. With miss Sadie, I am pretty much out (in bed) by then! But since I knew my mom was going to stay in my room and sleep while she slept, I took a nap before hand so I had somewhat energy. My best friend picked me up, we drove to her house and then her coworker came to get us. I have hung out with them a few times before, and it was a nice treat to get to go out. They were talking about their customers such, I feel so bad, I would have quit the first day if i ever worked there. My best friend always is texting me from work saying how she hates it and some customers just make her want to cry. People and their coffee make is SO hard and are so rude to her. Its unbelieable. People are so serious about their coffee.

Well I had 2-3 half priced martinis and because my best friend never had a "long island" I decided to order one, BAD MISTAKE. I should have known. I slurped that down pretty fast. I NEVER rarely drink, now that I have my little one, and I was never a "partier, club goes either" yet I am 23. Just was never my thing. But here and there, I like to have a few drinks. I got in about 230/3. The next day I was pretty not feeling well, but around 5/6pm I woke up from a nap with Sadie and I felt SO SO sick. Worse than before. My mom and sister went for a walk and I was with Sadie in her walker and I had a POUNDING headache and I felt just SO sick. I thought I was going to die. I immeditately ran to the bathroom and I started throwing up. This was a day after everything. Never had that happened. I had to call my mom to come home to be with Sadie, I just felt beyond awful. I threw up another time and finally my headache subsided a few hrs later. My mom put Sadie to bed and I was eventually able to go to bed as well later. It is now Saturday night and I still am feeling queasy, I have never felt like this for so long. Lesson learned.

Fast forward to today, I decided to go for a walk, not my usual walk/run because I just still felt plain awful, I almost turned around to go back home but I thought let me walk maybe sweating some bit will help. So I got ahold of my friend's mom Lauren, and told her I was on a walk and if I could swing by. I met this mom (a mom of a guy I knew in 9th grade) and we had got reconnected through facebook and well she knew I would take walks around 5 or so and she lives down the other end of where I live, about 25 minutes walking distance, but 2 mins driving distance I would say, I would always try and catch her but by the time she was home from work it was dark and I dont walk in the dark alone with Sadiekins :) But we met up finally and I hadnt seen her in 8 years, but I thought it was going to be weird but it wasn't. She is so nice, we talkled a bit, and she gave Sadie this little pink and purplre doggy. Just the perfect size for her! I had a nice little time with ehr and off I went on home!

Tonight, I was invited to a martini and monogram party, hosted by my friend Kalie. I almost didn't go but I am glad I did. I had no idea what it was really but I decided to go and find out. The woman that had organized it or that does it was so very sweet, and very pretty. Looked like someone that I could get along with! Immeditaely everyone was interested in Sadie and said how pretty she was. Made me smile. Then, the million $ question was asked, the common one, like what is my name? No, the question was "IS THIS YOUR FIRST?" I swear. I cannot go anywhere without it being asked. I simply said, no, and explained my firstborn was born at 28 weeks ..yada yada yada. Well she then aplogized and I had asked about her children (she said she had two). And one is a 5 yr old and the other is an almsot 2 yr old. I immediately thought, I would have an almost 2 yr old as well. I said when's her birthday? She said "April 09". I go oh yeah? I said the date? She said April 21st. I mmediately thought in my head, "6 days later, I had my sweet Naomi, 12 weeks too early". I told her Naomi was born then too. I tried so hard to keep myself from crying. Here I am holding her sister yet I still wanted to burst out crying.

Well, the rest of the night was very nice. They had little snacks and chocolate chip cookies, I nibbled on a cookie, and watched as they had their "martinis". I so did NOT want one for once. I wouldn't even have one tho even if I didn't feel good, because I had Sadie with me and I was driving. As I write this, I still feel quite nauseated, I don't know why this is going on for so long. :(

I then left around 830 because I wanted to keep Sadie's bedtime sorta, and she was fussing anyways. I was excited, I purchased (not so much on my budget but on my "wish list" was a diaper bag type thing. I choose a design that was pretty bright and full of colors. I have wanted a new one, because the one that I had, my mom bought for me, its nice, but its brown and green, sorta sick of it, not too girly, and I would like a new one! So I will be recieving that in 2-3 weeks! The woman asked if I found it interesting, and if I would maybe want to learn more about it, she was a teacher for 6 years, still has her teaching degree, but with what she does now, she makes her own schedule, she can still be with her kids, and it works. I don't know if I would be interested or not, but I hear alot of moms are doing it. It wouldn't hur to take a look!?

Monday, morning, I have a hair apt, I am going to be a "model" again for my friend who is at the hair school, Aveda. She asked me 2 weeks ago or so if I would like to be her model and I said sure of course! Heck, its free, and I love getting pampered, who doesn't!? I am SO excited. I am thinking of getting my blonde highlights back. She wants to give em long layers, but I have semi short hair already and I wanna grow it back out again. We shall see, I definitely like change! My mom agreed to watch Sadie for a couple hrs, when I go there and am a model, it takes some time. But this may be her graduate exam, I am not too sure, so hopefully it will not be too long and be timed!? I also heard she will do my makeup as well! Super excited!

By the way, can any of you share makeup or hair styling tips on what YOU do? I am new sorta to the learning of applying makeup and doing hair somewhat and I need HELP! :) I feel embarassed to ask, being 23, I should know. I don't put makeup on much unless I am going to something special. But I would like to just do basic makeup daily, so I do not look ovely sleep deprived and looking like a ghost! :)


Abigail said...

I am so sorry that you got so sick off the long island, especially since you were just trying to have a nice time. For future reference try and drink water in between each alcoholic drink. That will help you not get sick and not get a hangover. Glad that your weekend was nice overall. I love Aveda products and salons!! How exciting for you to get a makeover ... and it is free??!! Nice!! Enjoy it. I LOVE makeup ... especially MAC. I honestly learned how to apply it by experimenting. I would take pictures out of magazines of women whose eye makeup caught my attention and then try to make mine look like theirs. Does that make sense? For you being a beginner I would do a light eyeshadow color that is neutral, mascara and some lip gloss. Work your way up to a little more as you get more comfortable. I am always available to answer questions if you want.

Jill said...

Thanks so much! I will def take your advice! I appreciate it, you are so sweet!

And yes, next time, I will drink water in between, but this "next time" wont be for a LONG time. I am still feeling a bit queasy.

Tomorrow, my friend is going to do my makeup and hair (I may get blonde highlights like I had a while ago) . She asked me to dress earthy, I dont have any earthy clothes (and not very many clothes at all period, I threw a lot way, like an idiot! ha) but when I lose 10 lbs, I will go and get a new wardrobe, desperately need it and pants! :) SO my sister let me borrow an outfit of hers. I shall post pics tomorow! She I think is graduating and I am her "model" and she needs to be me up and show off her skills I guess. I have been ther like 4-5 other times, they do a great job, and yes its all for free! I am excited! Otherwise, I wouldn't be doing it. So thrilled for her to have asked me! :) She must know I need it! ha

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