Saturday, March 26, 2011


I can now say, I have went to a Miami Heat basketball game! My best friend invited me to go out Friday night, with her mom and dad and brother and a friend of his to a VIP Heat Game. I thought, what the heck, if I can find a sitter and make it happen, I'll go. I never was before interested in basketball. Only sport I watch, is baseball! Well I am surely glad I gave it a chance! Because I LOVED it!

I started to ask around a few days in advanced of my friends that I would feel okay enough to watch Sadie for 3-4 hrs before my mom would come home from work and take over. Well, my friend Kristin, agreed she would do it for me. I was so happy yet NERVOUS. She has a 9 month old herself so he came along, but I just thought it would be alot on her with two little ones. I made a list for her just the basics and showed her what I do this and that. Just so happened that I was able to put her down for a nap when she got here and she napped for a good hr or so. I texted with her during the game asking how things were going and she even sent me pictures and told me she ate this she did that. So I was content! I was so very thankful for my friend to be able to watch her. Mama doesn't get out often at all, I choose not to anyways, and well, every once and then, is a treat and well deserved!

Turns out, the tickets we had were $600-700 worth! We even got to park in a special area and go in a special elevator. My best friends dad is an accountant so he knows people I guess, where he got the tickets from. We got a buffet and had a great seating along the edge and a good view of the game. We ate an even ordered a "Tropical Heat" drink that was inspired by the heat. I was suprirsed, I actually was getting into the game. And because I could see pretty good from where we sat, I think that helped as well! The player that kept getting alot of points was, the cute and all so famous, DWAYNE WADE, NUMBER 3. He sure is a cutie. ALl throughout the game, they would announce his name because he kept making points, correct term? I don't know, ha!

I found my self making noises and like grabbing at my face with my hands on my face saying omg, oh this oh that, yay and clapping if they got a basket! Ha, I didn't think i would be interested but I certainly was! We then got to go in the suite of ours and that was even a BETTER view. The game was looking early on that the other team, PHILDELPHIA 76ers were going to win, but the MIAMI HEAT ended up coming back and WON the game! It was funny, I noticed mr Wade like slap a guys hand out of the way, it was funnny, I laughed. I saw that my best friends brother and his friends saw that too and commented on it. I just had a great time! And as they said, after getting that VIP treatment, probabouly wouldn't want to go sit in the regular seats ever.

The dinner cost over $700, I was SHOCKED. The parents paid for us all, had I known, I wouldn't have went. I felt really bad, but they said they were more than happy to take us all out. Mama can now offically say she went to a Heat Game, first ever basketball game! Check that off the list! :)

So, wish me luck tomorrow is one of my "4 days" of being with my nephew well babysitting him. I will have him overnight into Monday, my sisters "mommy makeover" is in the morning. Shoot me, I heard the grand total of this lovely "makeover". She can wip out $7 GRAND for this, yet, pay me barely $5 an hour, for watching her son. Hmmm..this will come to an end soon. I am sorry. Just there are circumstances that I KNOW she can afford to pay me better. She just chooses not to. Upsets me. As you all are aware of.

OH! Well, this morning, she came over with her son and we all decided to go with our family too, tubing on the back of jet ski. Let me say I am GLAD I went. First time for that as well, and I had a blast! But rewind to this early morning. She was petting our dog and goes out loud " I wish I only had dogs". My mouth dropped. ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS? Did she just SAY THAT? Yes. No one commented on that statement. I should have let her have it. Here, she had a VERY well behaved 7 month old, went 40 freakin weeks, no problems what so ever during pregnancy. I CRAVE normalcy in that, yet I wont EVER get it. EVER. I was just appauled at that statement. I SWEAR< this is not an opinion, but SHE LOVES HER DOGS more than her own son. I know it , well all do. She has 3 dogs at home. Has always been a dog lover. No problem in that, but my god. Over her own child? She is always worried about leaving all of them at home and constatnly says "i gotta get to my dogs" barely ever hear her talkign about her own son. Its sickening and very sad. But he is very much loved around here, thats for sure. I "wish I had Naomi here with me". But I don't. Try living my life, sister.

SMH. :(


Abigail said...

How exciting that you got to experience a basketball game. Even better that you were in a sky box. I am jealous!! My hubby & I have gone to a Bulls game, but we were in "regular" seats & that was exciting. I cannot even imagine how neat it would be in sky box seats w/ all the yummy food & drinks!!
I don't understand your sister & her decision making, but I feel badly for you because you don't deserve to be underpaid & taken advantage of. She is lucky and blessed and doesn't even realize it.
You are amazing!! Sadie & Naomi are so fortunate to have such an incredible Mommy

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