Monday, February 7, 2011

Friends aren't supposed to make friends....

Friends aren't supposed to make friends cry. Are they? I, offically, have taken this one person, out of my life tonight, for good. It's sad, because I was just with her the other night with my best friend at Karokeeing too.

I can't do this anymore. She lives down the street from me, walking distance, within a mile. I am fed up with her ALWAYS being rude to me. For nothing. Last night, I texted her at 9pm, little past it, and she texted me not to text back. She was sleeping, which I did not know, she had to take up at 4 am for a new job. And she was very rude to me in those few texts.

Later during the day today, I get a text from her, saying "hey". My best friend was over, I showed her it, she knew what had happened the previous night, just how rude she was with me. She helped me respond to her in a NON RUDE way, because one, I am not like that, neither of my best friend and I are, and two, I was going to give her a chance, ANOTHER CHANCE.

Anyways, my best friend and I were curious to how she claims she has no money, yet when she is getting her nails done, buying coffee all the time, and cigs. Yet leaving the check with my best friend and I, many many times claiming "I HAVE NO MONEY". It just seemed odd to both of us, but I didnt want to pry. She then says she had money coming in to her from almost 10 years ago, for something we do not knwo about. That is fine, I will not ask, but it is a good lump some.

She then says, she doesn't ask where I get my money, me being a single mom. So that got me mad, I told her not to point that out on me about me being a single mom, and she should KNOW I get help from my parents. She should NOT say she is broke, she HAS money in her bank account. I frankly, have pretty much nada.

I never fight with friends, NEVER. I have always stayed clear of all that drama. I am not that type of girl. But this, this "friend", is difficult. She is quick to be rude, I don't know if she knows it or it is just apart of who she is, but I was broughjt up to aplogize if I was rude or said something mean.

So I get a late text from her and I said screw it I am replying back. She says this to me : "I have a life and responsiblity to go to work unlike you. Stop texting me after 9 o clockl plz this is two nights in a row. Don't text back".

Needless to say, I LET HER HAVE IT. How can one NOT reply to what just came out of her mouth. I was livid. I said something along the lines of "I am sorry but I DO have a responsibility, I have SADIE. And you don't have kids. I did what I am supposed to do, I AM going to go back to school, I signed up for it, I am in the process.Dont you DARE tell me I have no responsibllity" Well I could have gone on and on and blew up her phone, when she was trying to sleep, but I decided to leave it at that.

And now after it all, I just want to burst out crying. I honestly, cannot (even though I should) believe she would stoop that low and say that to me, I DONT HAVE A RESPONSIBLITY!?!?!? Who is Sadie? Yes, I am not working right now, I can't go back to work this minute, yes I have help (alot) from my parents, I am very lucky and AM GOING TO repay them back one day from it all, but I did my first step in signing up to go to school. My parents want me to head that way first so I can make better money when I do go get a job with some degree or certificate of some sort.

I KNOW we ALL have our own issues and things, but for her to point that out, truely got to me. I have had a thing with her before as well, where she said something VERY mean and hurtful reguarding Naomi, I should have been DONE with her than. But I forgave her, we both said hurtful things, but I FORGAVE. And something with Naomi, I WOULD NEVER have usually. But I did. This time, I am done. I am deleting her from facebook and contact in phone, hopefully she will get that job a bit from here and move. I am just so broken, I feel like bawling my eyes out because of what she said. She KNOWS how much I love my little girl and would do anything for her and am doing so. I came SO far in everything and she says this to me?

I figure I need to get this off my chest before I wake up my Sadie by crying. I can't deal with her rude remarks anymore. I can pray for her, but I can no longer be a friend to her. My mom had told me to stay away from her anyways, but I gave her a second chance. No more.


jamie said...

You don't need people like that in your life Jill - she sounds very immature. You do have responsibilities - and you are doing amazing raising your sweet baby girl!

JenJen said...

It sounds like her not being in your life is for the best. Friends are supposed to lift you and not bring you down...It's hard to say goodbye but it sounds like she might have some other stuff in her life going right and she needs to be selfish.


JenJen said...

Also, I belong to the Rainbow mommas group on fb! I was the one that talked to you a lot about Sadie's sleeping problems :) How is she doing? Any better?

Abigail said...

I am very sorry that you had to go through this with a friend. I agree that it may be hard to close this chapter of your life, but in the end I am sure it will be for the best. You & Sadie don't deserve to be mistreated and definitely need people around you that uplift you! Hugs to you and I truly hope you know you did the right thing

Kelli K Bock said...

Clearly, this person is unhappy in life & it's oozing out in her quick reactions & words. Don't allow it to hurt you. Pray for her at a distance. Be the better person & be civil but not a doormat.
The Bible teaches us in James to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry. (Even when you want to throw your cell at someone, lol)
You're doing a great job, mama...keep it up

Jill said...

Thank you girls. I even woke up sad this morning. It is too bad but I honestly think its for the best as well. It was bound to happen again. And for good. And JenJen, thank you so much as well for the help! Sadie has been doing a lot better! She does sleep in her almost like swing thing, but it goes up and down slowely abd has music to it, then when she wakes up once at night, I will get her and bring her to bed with me let her nurse back to sleep and keep her there til morning!

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