Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess!

I had been against getting Sadie's ears piereced for so long. I was annoyed with everyone asking me "when are you going to get them piereced?". I thought it would be better or more exciting for her to ask me when she is older to have them done. But lately, I would look at her and keep saying how pretty would she look with them done!?

This morning I went to Khols to use my Khols cash that my mom had given to me to use. There was an expiration date on it so I had to hurry up before it passed or "my mom would be very mad" she told me. Because she would have used it on herself, but like always, thinks of her children before herself. I find myself doing the SAME, I always know I could get more things but I end up purchasing for Sadie instead :).

With the $, I picked out two shirts for mama (buy one get one FREE) just regular t shirts that I needed, black & white! Funny how I am excited to wear a plain t shirt, but I am VERY low in clothing. Mama needs a new wardrobe make over , BIG TIME. But again, I keep getting for my little girlie. My mom gets mad when I do that, she has lots of clothes, but its so hard they are all so darn cute! I ended up also finding such a beautiful Eastery type dress. I have a $100 gift card from my best friend I still need to use to take professional pictures of Sadie and I thought how perfect will that be to see her in that dress! I also got another cute outfit for her, OTHER THAN PINK :) and sockies she needed!

I got home and it hit me, I am going to call, I realized I had the money to do it, and I called and they had an opening for 2:45 pm, I TOOK IT! I kept telling my little sweetheart over and over again how sorry mommy was but that she was going to look so pretty, not that she doesn't already! I had KNOTS in my stoamch the whole time, after I paid and was sitting and waiting to be called, I was so close to getting up and leaving. I couldn't see her in tears! But I said, she will be okay, SO many babies get it done.

The nurse took her temp, then had me lay her down, and put two dots on her ears to where the earrings would be placed. She did a perfect job on that! Even the doctor commented on it! Here she came, I was all ready to start to cry. She asked if I wanted to hold or a nurse, I hesisted for a few seconds, and then I said I can hold her. She said the mommies usually are crying longer than the babies! Well, 1, 2 and 3 and it was done! She made a little ity bity sound and that was IT. I was so ready for her to start screaming after the 1st one, that is when they usually realize it she said. But nope! My little girl was a TROOPER! Made me so happy!

Right after that, I met up with a wonderful dear friend of mine. I "met" her on the preeclampsia website through forums and had found out she lived locally to me! I have met others but they are out of state that I am quite close with from afar. We exchanged emails and numbers and talked alot and on the phone. What a sweet woman she is. Hearing yet another story, broke my heart. Our babies were born in the same month of April but a year apart. We will be walking this April for our babies together, with LOTS of family and friends. We met up for the first time today at the local Yogurtland, with her sister and niece. She showed me her book of her sweet son Benji. He is such a precious and handsome little baby boy. It brought me to tears, and more after we left each other.

It saddens me so much, how much and how often that this really strikes women. But makes me happy how we are helping to do something about it. God Bless this woman and so many others & families out there! <3


Abigail said...

Way to go Sadie on being such a big girl and doing so well on getting her ears pierced!!
How very sweet of your mom to give you the Khols cash & being able to find stuff for both you & Sadie. Looking forward to seeing pictures of her in the pretty dress you picked up for her.

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