Monday, February 21, 2011

Mindless Monday

This weekend was my nephew's baptism. I haven't read really on it or do I understand what it is all about, but I should. I don't have much say on it, I am back and forth with the whole religion thing. My mom would like me to take Sadie to church on my own, but I am still unsure. I have been to a few but its hard to put my belief in it all. I really don't know where I stand.

I was raised Catholic but I dont keep going with it. I perfer Christian church over Catholic church. I don't get anything out of Catholic church, I just don't. But, with Christian church, I love the music, the people and I seem to always come in at a time when the "service" is meant for me.

I got ready & got Sadie ready to go and everyone was there. Nice to see other side of family on my sisters side. The priest then began starting and as I realized who it was my eyes just began to FILL up with tears and they soon began pouring down my face. I couldn't stop them. This priest, Father Ed, baptised Naomi. When she was dead. My mom called for him to come that day for her to be baptised. I can't tell you why or what it means but it was sweet of her. I just remembered all of this and I turned around to my dad and said "he baptised Naomi when she died". I was holding Sadie and just hugged her really tight and kissed my necklace.

After that I was able to stop myself and tried to think of other things. My sweet Naomi. Miss my precious girly.

Ther est of the day was pretty nice, went to my sisters house for the after party. There was this pretty little 3 yr old almost 4 in March. I had fun playing with her, she had a very bright pink pretty dress on with black little heels too cute. I was running and chasing her and she kept wanting me to come in the bounce house, I said may look little but I am really not! haha made me laugh but I thought this will be be soon enough chasing my little girl!

Other news, my sister and I went to a baby consignment store to look at a double running stroller, since I will be watching her son a few days a week, and she said she wanted to help me out in any way that I can so she offered to buy it. There were two there so I picked out that one I liked the most. I am SO happy with it. I am down 2 lbs and I feel great, gotta keep it going! I surpringly have been keepingaway from sweets and breads, which was dificult before but I did it! So proud of myself! I would like to lose 10- 15 lbs. Healthy mama is my goal! I am always wanting to use it. I went rollerblading this morning with it and Sadie and I felt AWESOME after. I haven't bladed in SO long and it was just great. I then took Sadie later befoer the sun went down because she was having troubles napping today and I couldn't let her scream so I thought let me take her for a walk and she should fall asleep, sure enough she did! But I can't be taking her for a walk everytime she needs a nappie! Gotta figure out something there! I had a pretty good weekend! Hope you all did too!


Lauren said...

Hey Hey! I just tried emailing you back from the comment you left me, but the email address got kicked back to me. I don't know why I'd missing from your followers list. I haven't made any changes.

I'll probably post my 28 week update later today - that is if I get around to taking a belly pic. :)

Hope you are well.

Holly said...

We have a single jogger but plan on getting a double one soon. Can't wait b/c then I can take the girls out on walks.

I don't do infant baptism, which is why I never had Carleigh baptized. Instead we do dedications where we stand in front of our church family and take vows to raise our children in the Lord and the church vows to help guide them. I did do a sort of dedication for Carleigh. I know different denominations believe different things but I think it just comes down to what you want and believe.

It really helps to find a church you love. I love ours. Maybe you could find one near you that you like.

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