Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Somebody turned 5 months old today!

Okay, just as a fellow mama told me, she needs to stop growing TOO fast. Oh my, I officially have a 5 month old today! I cannot believe it. Time has flown WAY too fast. I can't believe it. Before I know it, she is going to be a walkin and talkin and sassin mama back little girl! Ha. I cannot wait, yet I CAN, to see what she looks like at that age. God, I love her more each and every day. Until I was a mother, starting with Naomi, I never knew so much love for one little human being existed. I look at her big baby smile, her laughs, her every movement, and I thank God for her. She is my light, my world, my everything, keeps me going. Yet I never forget her big sister, I KNOW Naomi sent her to me and made sure of it. I love both of my girls so so much.

At 5 months old Sadie is now:

* developing her own little personality. It is so darn cute.
* she is definitely more aware of things, look all around, is interested in "Blues Clues" gets her legs a kickin watching Steve and Blue!
* starting to roll on her side, any day now she will be turning over, oh my!
* has been putting her hands in her mouth for maybe 2-3 weeks now, wondering if little teethers will be surfacing soon!
* smiles oh so much now at everything, definitely notices her mama, grandma and other usual faces!
*marlves at her hands! My mom says I have to get that on video before she stops it! She will hold her hands in front of her and just move them in certain ways, and will have a puzzled sort of look on her face, like hey, these are mine, they move, I control them, TOO CUTE!
*behaviorlly, has def gotten alot better
* still doesn't nap very much, takes small 30 min naps here and there, got an hr today or so, proud of her!
* does not sleep through the night, but it has happend TWICE. So I know she is capable of doing so, just have to work on it. She sleeps in her little swing type thing almost, around 8 falls asleep and wakes up around 12-2, I get her and bring her back with me in bed til the morning. I will be having crib transitioned into there, so I will try her in crib. We shall see how that works!
* she is starting to laugh more! oh my! It is the cutest thing ever! She was sitting with my grandma today and found her so funny and had a good couple laughs, my dad ended up seeing her laugh for the FIRST time, made me a happy mama!
* She notices a bit more her cousin Jimmy, and our dog, Tucker!
*loves having a little blanket to hold and play with and keep her sleeping
*eats baby cereal once every few days, she doesnt like it much, I tried bananas in it like my mom suggested, mashed up, and she seemed to like that more so I may do that so she can start eating cereal every day!
*Isnt so hard to get down for the night anymore or naps. She will fall asleep while breastfeeding for a nap, then I will quiely lay her down, and she stays down for a good 30 minutes. I remember she used to wake up when I would lay her down, not so much anymore! She is improving, my big little girl!

Here is to 5 months and going strong! This next month, in March, she has another follow up with kidney doctor and more testing. She has fluid in her kidneys, which when I was pregnant they found it there and it stayed until delivery, and they are watching it and running tests to see whats going on. Its called renal pelvic dilation. I worry, I hope it will resolve on its own and that nothing drastically will have to be done. So I am wondering what will happen in the first week of March for that apt! Will keep updated on that! Please pray things go well!


Lauren said...

She looks adorable on her 5 month birthday! So do you too, Momma!

Jill said...

Awe, thank you Lauren! :)

Holly said...

She is just sooooo precious!!

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