Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So, tonight, I saw a friend of mine was going to church tonight & didn't want to go alone. I replied to her and she said I should come! So luckily I had an hr, or so to get ready & have miss Sadie be ready and off we went!

I needed to get out of the house and I had been to this church twice before, recently, for Christmas Eve. It is a beautiful church and had a nice service for Christmas I really enjoyed.

I meet up with my friend, from highschool, and she sees baby Sadie. Asked if I was going to put her in the nursery. My first thought and thoughts going through my head was "NO WAY IN HE you know what!". I thought I can't leave her with strangers! But she said go check it out, its only sn hr and it will give me a bit of a break and to enjoy myself. Not that I wouldn't with Sadie, but I prob would have had to go in the baby room, because she does NOT like loud music. I wouldn't either if i were a baby! :D

So I decided to go check it out and I ended up giving her information and they asked how old she was and all marveled at her. I took a peek in the room and two sweet young woman were there with a few toddlers and a few babies. I handed her over and my heart was pounding. I gave her a hug & said "bye bye" and I left. I told my friend omg what did I do!? They asked if I wanted to go in and see but I said no because I knew she would be OKAY, but would mommy!?

The whole service my heart was like pounding, I felt anxious, and my stomach was bothered, I couldn't sit there without being all tensed. I kept wanting to look at my phone to see the time. They also gave me a number and put a number sticker on her. Said if they need me that number will light up on the screen. The WHOLE time I kept my eyes glued on it. I thought, for sure she will be too fussy for them or something may happen. A few times, I almost just got up and walked out and wanted to go and get her. But I told myself to sit still. She will be OKAY.

And sure enough, service ended, and on we went to get her. I was SO excited to see her little face, but worried to see how she did. They said she did well she was a little shaken when being passed to be but she was good and I gave her so many hugs and kisses and told her I missed her and I got a BIG baby Sadie smile that mama just lovesss. :)

Felt great that she was okay and I knew in good hands. Glad to have gone to service as well. Just I think, and worry, that was only 1 hr away from her in someone else's hands I didn't know. The only other times, which was twice, that I left her for a couple hours, was my mom! And I still get anxious but I know she has her and is in good hands! What will I do when I have to start school.either online or out and then start working? oh my. I will have to learn!


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