Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super Slammin Saturday!

Those 3 words pretty much sum up my day: Super Slammin Saturday! I haven't had a great day like this in a long time. I mise well enjoy my "freedom" while it lasts. Before I know it, I will be way over my head busy in school, and I, cannot wait. I am excited!

This morning, I woke up with miss Sadie around 9:30 to her babling away, she talks mostly in the morning, but never talks like that during the day. Its too cute and funny. I'll have to get on learning my video camera to catch some of it!! I fed her, hopped in the shower (and let me remind you I am never quick to jump in the shower first thing. It takes me a while to wake up and be up for the day!) But I did and it got me feeling awake & fresh!

I made a healthy bowl of oatmeal, with walnuts, raisins and cut up bananas! It was quite filling too. I am trying today again to do well with eating wise. I don't eat too much but its those darn sweets that do it to me! I then ran out with Sadie to the bank & Target. I picked up a gift for my friend Anne's daughter, a little dress, who had a birthday party tomorrow! She LOVES Elmo. Elmo is going to be in attendance and they live down the next neighborhood from us. They have been so giving and kind to me, with Naomi, and Sadie, came to visit me in hospital both times with my girls. So theres no question in my mind, I must go. I was in the asile with the cards and was trying to decide on what "2" year old card to get, then I saw the perfect one. You guessed it! ELMO. As I was looking at it in my hand, all of a sudden, my eyes got filled with tears.

Naomi would be two I remembered in 2.5 more months. I should be picking out a card for her. I quickly gathered the card, grabbed 2 First baby Valentine cards & went out of that asile. I thought it would be cute to get my nephew a 1st card, so I will be sure to drop that off sometime tomorow for him. I also, came upon a FLORIDA MARLINS pink onsie set (2) and I flipped over price and just HAD to get it. I used to be a HUGE fan of the Marlins back a few years ago but then stopped. I figure, I gotta try and root for them this year and get miss Sadie into them! :) So I can't wait to see her in that, and I happened to get 6 to 9 month size, so by that time, they will be in full play and she will fit into them! I am excited!

Finished up the rest of my shopping and ran on home so Sadie can nap. She happened to nap only 30 minutes, silly girl. She does pretty well with no napping. She must be a baby that doesn't need much sleep. Grandfather may be right, she may happen to like the night life, OH MAMA IS IN TROUBLE. ;) I then realized it was going on almost 3 o clock so I had to gather us all up again and meet at Starbucks with a friend.

I happened to text her the other night asking her how she is and we haven't really spoken in a LONG time. She texted back how weird it was that I texted her, that I had been on her mind too! So we ended up making plans to meet for a little. She is a few years younger than I am but a very sweet girl. I met her back 5 years ago, at Renfrew. I went to an eating disorder clinic for 2 weeks back then and happend to find out she lived right in the same town I did! We had a good time outside and she kept commenting on how well Sadie was behaving and how gorgeous she was. Made me a happy mama!

From there, I had plans to meet with my best friend to Color Me Mine. My mom and sister went there a few months ago. It is a pottery type place, you pick an object and paint it and then they fire it up and you pick it up a week later. My mom thought it was very neat and she ended up getting my best friend and I a certificate at Christmas to use. I was a bit weary of taking Sadie with us. My mom offered when she is off to watch her so my best friend and I can go. But, I enjoy taking Sadie places and she was VERY well behaved. I saw alot of people in there and was worried that she wouldn't do so well, but she did! No one would ever notice a baby was in there! My best friend picked out a CUPCAKE :) she did a beautiful job. I can't wait to see it finished all glazed up! I will be sure to post pics when she gets it back!

I happened to pick out a very special thing. It is a surprise tho! I wasn't able to finish it, due to me having to hold Sadie sometimes, I didn't want to mess it up. So I was able to take it home with me, and will go back later this month to finish it. So mine will take somet time, but like I said its very special and I want it to look nice. Oh! On the way when we were almost done, I said "boo!" to Sadie a good couple of times. And she started LAUGHING. My best friend has never heard her laugh. Sadie doesnt laugh every day but every couple days. And I think yesterday I forgot that I had made her laugh by saying "boo!". But this one was just ONGOING. Oh it made me so happy . I was grinning from ear to ear! I love that little girl so much. I have really got to figure out how to work my new video camera. Ive got to get it on camera! Music to my ears!

So it was apporaching 7pm, I thought I gotta get this little girly into bed soon. We were both starving. She didn't have any plans for the rest of the night so we ran up to the mall and got chicken and rice and beans and brocolli and brought it home with us. I was able to put her to bed and we had girl time, ate, and watched episodes of Cupcake Wars! I think its a neat show. It reminded me, I wanna find a recipe to make for my dad. His birthday is coming up, March 2nd! With me now being confident enough, I wanna actually make something! He loves Key Lime Pie. I am not a fan, but for him, he sure is! We looked up Key Lime Cupcakes and found such a cute one, but has a LOT of steps to it. My best friend, is too sweet, she offered to come over and help me make them. I don't think we will need all 24 of them, so she said she would take some to her work with her! I am excited to make those!

While we were watching TV, I happened to get up a few times to check on Sadie sleeping. I just had this gut feeling, she wasn't okay. But I went in and looked at her closely and she is fine. I then did it once more before she left and I came back and my friend thought I maybe heard her. I explained, that I didn't. But that I can't help myself but I am always worried, I feel like she will die in her sleep, SIDS, or something else. I told her I picture myself falling to the ground in HYSTERICS crying. I lost Naomi, she died, doesn't mean nothing won't happen to my little Sadie. And at that moment, I just felt like CRYING hysterically. I can't help but feel that way. I pray to God that it wont ever happen, but, because I am a bereaved mother, nothing is far from not happening. I just can't explain how I felt. I still feel it. But I can't really let it out right now. I love both my girls SO much. A mother's love is simply unexplainable yet the BEST FEELING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD <3


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