Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smiley Sadie

I honestly cannot believe how happy my little girl is. She is just always smiling and quite a happy little baby. I remember back when, she was quite colicky and I felt so bad there wasn't much I could do. She was a tough little one but I handled it all. Now, she just is such a joy seeing her face light up and the baby noises she makes! It melts my heart.

I think she started smiling around 3-4 months just on going. I remember being so excited to have "caught" a smile on my phone or camera. Now, its so easy, she does it all the time. Everyone comments how beautiful she is. I am so truely blessed for her. It makes me so happy and thankful. I know Naomi would be just as beautiful as she. I love both my girls with all my heart.

I look forward to seeing more milestones of hers, getting teethers, laughing more, crawling and all that good stuff! She is just a joy to have around. I honestly, could not imagine my life without her.


Lauren said...

she is such a cutie!!

*Laura Angel said...

I honestly cant imagine a cuter baby girl than Sadie. She is soo beautiful! Just liker her Momma!

Holly said...

She is such a joy!

Lisette said...

Sadie is just so precious. Her smile just made my day. Thank you for sharing her!

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